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Visit of the designer Adama Paris

As part of a documentary trip on the latest developments in Circular Design by the Senegalese designer Adama Paris in cooperation with Goethe Institute, we had the opportunity to present our research work to her and two finalists of a TV casting show. We were very happy about the visit and the inspiring exchange about the future of the fashion industry and are looking forward to the next meeting – in Berlin or in Senegal!

Here you can watch the complete video:

24. -25.6.2023 

Exhibition at the Kulturlabor Trial & Error e.V. during the 2023 edition of 48h Neukölln art Festival

URBAN FIBERS selected pieces were exhibited in Braunschweigerstr. 80 during the exhibition weekend. The exhibition offered a hands-on activity of manual weaving with upcycling materials was offered to all visitors.

5.2022 - 4.2023

Collaboration with the designer ABELONE WILHELMSEN via the S4Fashion Sustainability European Programme

For the ‘URBAN WEAR featuring BOTANICAL DREAMS’ collaboration by conscious fashion designer Abelone Wilhelmsen we produced handcrafted ropes, weaving and knittings out of discarded textiles and offcuts. Further members of the project were Julia Kromolicka, specialised in Botanical dye and print and the Portuguese manufacturer collegroup.eu

05.08.2022 - 07.8.2022

Einhunderthunde - Group Exhibition
Kuration: Vincent Hüdepohl und Charlotte Herold
Projektraum Flutgraben e.V.
Am Flutgraben 3
12435 Berlin


Collaboration with local knit designer BOI exhibited at EDIT Napoli International design fair

BOI is a Berlin-based knit brand & studio founded in 2022. The studio develops its own collection for home textiles and collaborates on special projects with interior and fashion designers. The collaboration unfolded into a table mat knitted with Urban Fibers yarns and was part of the knit designer’s latest collection of interior textiles.


Made in Textile Art Camp cultural educational camp for youth at Haus der Materialisierung (HdM) Berlin
Made in Textile Art Camp: The narrative behind clothes was an intensive educational program and an exhibition about sustainable textile design and art practices in connection to the global and local challenges that affect the fashion and textiles sector. The project was created by Urban Fibers in collaboration with Ort-Schafft-Material and Haus der Materialisierung funded by the Berlin Project Fund for Cultural Education 

22.05.2022 - 04.09.2022

Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale One digital jacquard Weaving made with recycling yarns and a few rope samples were exhibited in the 2022 Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale, within the Knots & Knits, the U-JOINTS research project and exhibition series by Andrea Caputo and Anniina Koivu. The exhibition featured works by more than 80 artists including Anni Albers, Ada Lovelace, Hella Jongerius and Irene Posch.

10.2022 - 01.2023

Urban Fibers Collaborates with RWTH Aachen University for Textile Production Tests

Urban Fibers was invited by the Institut für Textiltechnik of the RWTH Aachen University to run yarn and textile technology test in their inustry grade textile production machines. We had the opportunity to generate 100% industrially upcycled weavings and ropes! More about it in our upcoming exhibition in April 2024.

12.09.2021 - 01.11.2021

KOLLABORIEREN! - Group Exhibition in Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop

Ökologische Strategien in Kunst und DesignNeues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop
Die Ausstellung KOLLABORIEREN! greifte Aspekte des ambivalenten Verhältnisses von Menschen und Natur auf, setzte sich mit ökologischen, wirtschaftlichen und gesellschaftlichen Strukturen auseinander und suchte  im Bereich von Kunst und Design nach innovativen Formen eines nachhaltigen Zusammenspiels.

24.09.2021 - 26.09.2021

DesignFarm anniversary and beyond Exhibition

DesignFarmBerlin celebrates 5th anniversary and beyond with the entire community of founders, innovators and the city of Berlin.

Drap-Art: XXV International Festival of Sustainable Art of Catalunya -  Exhibition

The Urban Fibers Rope and Rope Machine by Tau Pibernat and Vera Castelijns were selected to participate in the 25th Edition of the International Festival of Sustainable Art of Catalonia.

Centre d’Artesania de Catalunya
C. Banys Nous, 11
Juried Design and Crafts Exhibition and invited artists
From November 18 to December 21, 2021, Barcelona


Co-founders of URBAN FIBERS
Tau Pibernat & Vera Castelijns


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Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung 2022

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