URBAN FIBERS / Sustainable textiles made locally
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URBAN FIBERS is a design studio formed by Tau Pibernat and Vera Castelijns. 
We share a vision of rethinking the flawed systems in the existing textile industry.
We propose a new concept of sustainable textiles in which we combine locally available material resources (such as discarded used clothing) and the existing fabrication infrastructure. We strive for a new design paradigm adjusted to the current climate and resource crisis and want to reinvent the design community by developing circular and fair processes of sorting, making, and re-manufacturing together.


Co-founders of URBAN FIBERS
Tau Pibernat & Vera Castelijns


︎   hello@urbanfibers.org 

Funded by |
DesignFarmBerlin 2021 
Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung 2022

Awarded by |
Green Concept award 2021